How To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up

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How To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up

How To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up
How To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up – ChrisFix

Foggy windows can be a real pain, especially during the colder months. Not only does it obstruct your vision, but it can also take a while to defrost.

How To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up
How To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up

Are you fed up getting into your vehicle in the morning and then have to deal with fogged up windows? A famous Youtuber, Chrisfix did an experiment where he tried 4 different methods to stop this from happening. I for sure am glad he tested these out and not me.

Fogged up car windows can be a serious safety hazard while driving. Not only does it obstruct your vision, but it can also take a while to defrost. In a previous article, I discussed how to prevent fogged windows by absorbing moisture in a vehicle.

Why Do Car Windows Fog Up?

Car windows fog up due to the difference in temperature and humidity inside and outside of the vehicle. When warm, humid air inside the car comes into contact with the cooler surface of the windows, it condenses into tiny droplets of water, causing the windows to appear foggy.

This can be prevented by turning on the air conditioning, using the defroster, or cracking a window to allow some of the humidity to escape.

Chris does have a disclaimer which you should read before trying this out! But if you feel confident then go for it! I am!

How To Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

Steaming up car windows can be a significant problem, particularly in the winter months when the temperature outside is much colder than the inside of the car. Steam can be caused by moisture from the air inside the car condensing on the windows, which can make it challenging to see and increase the risk of accidents. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to stop car windows from steaming up.

Use The Air Conditioning

One of the most effective ways to prevent car windows from steaming up is to use the air conditioning. This might seem counterintuitive, particularly in cold weather, but the air conditioning helps to dry the air inside the car, which reduces the amount of moisture that can accumulate on the windows. It also helps to keep the temperature inside the car more stable, which can prevent sudden changes in temperature that can cause the windows to steam up.

Use The Defrost Setting

Most cars come equipped with a defrost setting, which is designed to clear steam and frost from the windows. This setting uses a combination of the air conditioning and the heater to dry the air and warm the windows, which can prevent steam from accumulating. It is essential to use this setting when you start the car, particularly if it has been parked outside overnight when the windows are more likely to be covered in frost.

Open A Window

Opening a window can help to reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates inside the car. This is particularly useful if you are travelling with other people or pets, as they can contribute to the amount of moisture in the air. Opening a window allows the moisture to escape, which can help to keep the windows clear.

Keep The Car Clean

A clean car is less likely to steam up, as dirt and grime can trap moisture and contribute to the problem. Regularly cleaning the interior of the car, including the windows, can help to reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates. Using a cloth or paper towel to wipe down the windows can also help to absorb any moisture that has already accumulated.

Use A Dehumidifier

If you live in a particularly humid area, using a dehumidifier can help to prevent steam from accumulating on the windows. A dehumidifier works by removing moisture from the air, which reduces the amount of moisture that can condense on the windows. There are many portable dehumidifiers available, which can be placed in the car when it is parked to help keep the interior dry.

DIY Recipe

See the video: by ChrisFix

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