How To Get Rid Of Any Burrowing Animals With This Dawn Soap Solution

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How To Get Rid Of Any Burrowing Animals With This Dawn Soap Solution

How To Get Rid Of Any Burrowing Animals With This Dawn Soap Solution

How To Get Rid Of Any Burrowing Animals With This Dawn Soap Solution

I have enough trouble walking on my own two feet without holes under them. Seriously, gravity is a cruel mistress, but divots and holes in my yard definitely do not help.

Ankles are sensitive! And even if you’ve figured out how to avoid mole holes and hills, your kids sure haven’t.

Have you ever heard the phrase, curiosity killed the cat…curiosity may have contributed, but a mole clawing your cat’s face off because your cat was curious enough to poke its head in the mole’s hole was the real culprit.

At any rate, you don’t want them, but you also don’t want to destroy or poison your own yard.

Mole Hills

Mole hills ruin gardens and can get out of control quickly if not remedied!

The solution to this all too common problem is lying in wait under your kitchen sink…it’s time to grab the Dawn.

You’ll also want to purchase some Castor Oil and a bottle sprayer attachment for your hose if you don’t have one lying around your garage.

Moles are cute but can cause a lot of damage:

A mole is a small, burrowing mammal that can cause various types of damage, depending on where they live and their behavior. Here are some of the potential types of damage that moles can cause:

  1. Damage to lawns and gardens: Moles dig tunnels underground, which can create raised ridges and bumps on the surface of lawns and gardens. These tunnels can damage grass roots and plant roots, and may also expose rocks and stones that can be hazardous to people walking or mowing in the area.
  2. Damage to agricultural crops: Moles can dig tunnels under agricultural crops, damaging roots and reducing yields. They may also disturb soil and fertilizer, causing further damage.
  3. Damage to irrigation systems: Moles can accidentally dig into irrigation systems, causing leaks and water damage.
  4. Damage to structures: In rare cases, moles may burrow under structures such as buildings, sheds, or decks, potentially causing damage to the foundation or support structures.

It’s worth noting that while moles can cause damage, they also have some beneficial effects on the environment. For example, their digging can help to aerate soil and distribute nutrients, and they eat insects and other small animals that can be harmful to plants. Ultimately, the level of damage caused by moles depends on the specific circumstances and the individual mole’s behavior.

Do You Have A Burrowing Animal Issue?

If you suspect that you have a burrowing animal issue, here are some signs to look for:

  1. Raised ridges or bumps on the surface of your lawn or garden: Burrowing animals like moles, gophers, and groundhogs dig tunnels underground, which can create raised ridges and bumps on the surface of your lawn or garden.
  2. Holes or mounds of soil: Burrowing animals also create holes or mounds of soil as they dig their tunnels. The size and shape of the holes can give you clues about the type of animal causing the issue.
  3. Damage to plants or crops: Burrowing animals can damage plant roots, which can cause wilting, yellowing, or death of plants or crops. They may also eat leaves or stems above ground, causing further damage.
  4. Tunnelling sounds or activity: If you listen carefully, you may be able to hear burrowing animals digging and tunneling underground. You may also see signs of activity, such as fresh soil or dirt near a hole.
  5. Presence of the animals themselves: Finally, you may see the animals themselves, either above ground or in their burrows. Some burrowing animals, like moles, are active mainly at night, so you may need to look for signs of their activity during the day.

How To Make The Solution

You are going to need the following items to make this dawn soap solution:

Castor Oil



Garden Hose Spraying Attachment


Phase 1: Measure out four ounces of Castor Oil into your bottle, then combine it with 1 tablespoon of Dawn. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake vigorously until mixed.

Phase 2: Attach the bottle to your hose and coat your lawn. Depending on the size, you may have to coat in sections, be generous. Now is not the time to be stingy with your Dawn.

Phase 3: If you have visible mole holes that give you the creeps…as well they should, fill the hole with dirt and drench the new mound with the magic mixture.

Phase 4: Mark your calendar and repeat Phases 1, 2, 3 after one week. Consider this the moles’ final eviction notice. Some may have dispersed, but others are a bit more resistant to the idea of digging new holes elsewhere. Saturating your lawn a second time ensures your moles will no longer be your moles.

While there are other ways to rid yourselves of these vermin, this particular way still allows your pets, your kids, and you to roam freely in your own yard without fear of walking over poison.

Plus, doing the job yourself will save you money, lots of money and you get the satisfaction of taking care of your home, yourself. Kudos to you!

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How To Get Rid Of Any Burrowing Animals With This Dawn Soap Solution

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