Top 30 Shrubs You Can Grow From Cuttings

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Top 30 Shrubs You Can Grow From Cuttings

Top 30 Shrubs You Can Grow From Cuttings
Top 30 Shrubs You Can Grow From Cuttings – Image Credit: F. D. Richards CC BY-SA 2.0

Getting the right cut — That is the hardest part of  growing shrubs from cuttings is identifying when a shrub’s stem is just right for cutting, so to produce flourishing new plants.

If you cut too soon then the soft young stem will wither and die before taking root, yet if you wait too long then the hardened stem will find it more difficult to take root.

You should be trying to identify the part that’s not too soft, not too hard but just right. I like to call this the “goldilocks cut” Cuttings can be taken from most shrubs that annually shed.

Best Time To Take Cuttings

Between June-August are the best times to take the cuttings.
If you stems are to young then they will bend, if they’re too old then they won’t give at all. You’re looking for stems that are fresh and snap easily.

As soon as I’m ready I make a diagonal cut just above the third leaf cluster and place them in a damp towel until I’m ready to begin prepping and potting them.

To prepare my cuttings, I remove the lower set of leaves and plant the stems so the exposed cut locations are situated below the mixture. This is so rooting will occur at these cut sites.

Potting Mixture

The potting mixture I use is a soilless composition and is ideal as a starting mix for  plant cuttings.

The mixture should be loose and have plenty of oxygen movement for new roots. You should use perlite, vermiculite, sand or a combination of peat moss and any of the previously mentioned mixers in a 40/60 ratio.


As for humidity I keep my plants in my greenhouse which is perfect for my cuttings but if you don’t have one you can easily replicate the conditions with the use of a large ventilated Tupperware box, old fish tank or even a plastic bag or three sticks and a roll of Saran wrap!

After roughly a month and a half gently lift your cuttings, if there is resistance it’s a good sign your roots are taking, If you don’t think they are then reseat them and check again in a couple more weeks.

Below is a list of 30 shrubs that are easy to grow that can produce roots from summertime clippings.

A couple of Pictures first then the list 🙂

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Beauty Bush
Blue mist shrub
Burning bush
Butterfly bush
Crape myrtle
Deciduous azaleas
Flowering quince
Japanese maples
Large fothergilla
Mock orange
Redtwig dogwood
Rugosa rose
Slender deutzia
Smoke tree
Virginia sweetspire
Winter hazels
Witch hazels

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