Cherry Rose sunflowers Are Stunning. Get Some Seeds

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Cherry Rose sunflowers Are Stunning. Get Some Seeds

Image: Swallowtail Garden Seeds (CC BY 2.0)

How pretty are these sunflowers! I have never seen anything quite like them.

Most Sunflowers grow over 6ft and produce a massive yellow flower. Now you can show off your gardening skills and make your garden even more pretty by planting CHERRY ROSE SUNFLOWERS.

Sunflowers will make a great flower for floral arrangements & bouquets and are best used directly outdoors as a border plant, along driveways & fences or in fields by the masses.

  • Color: Red / Light Yellow
  • Height: 6′ Tall
  • Width: 18″ Spread
  • Season: Annual
  • Zones: All
  • Environment: Full sun

Pictures of the beautiful cherry rose sunflower

So pretty in a vase

A little bee is taking a rest on this beautiful sunflower

Link to get quality seeds below! If you grow some please send us some pictures. We would love to see them.

Get some cherry rose sunflower seeds

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