20 Cheap and Awesome Landscaping Projects to Transform Any Garden

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20 Cheap and Awesome Landscaping Projects to Transform Any Garden

Landscaping Projects

Many homeowners would love to have an enchanting landscaping and garden that will deliver the wow factor, but sometimes it can be rather costly showcasing your rank status amongst the other “most eye-catching lawns” on the block.

There are a plethora of ways you can transform that flat lawn and garden into a showstopping wonderland with just a few simple, yet cheap, tricks. Please read on to our 20 Cheap and Awesome Landscaping Projects to Transform Any Garden.

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# 1 Rope Lighting

rope lighting to transform garden

(Image Credit: christmaslightsetc.com)

I don’t know about you, but the walkway lantern lamps are becoming boring. Why not change things up a bit and use rope lighting? This type of lighting makes any part of your lawn and garden POP!

Rope lighting can make a more dramatic barrier for your walkway or garden while being inexpensive. Just make sure to purchase the lighting that can withstand intense weather conditions.

#2 Tree Log Garden Furniture

rustic tree log furniture

(Image Credit:  pinterest.com)

Bring your own chainsaw (BYOC) Mother Nature will supply the rest. If you’ve had some tree damage from a terrible storm that knocked down some trees, then turn a negative into a positive with an awesome twist of events. Your neighbors will sure be envious of your creative approach. Even if Mother Nature didn’t supply you with the tools needed; contact a local timber supplier and get yourself that rustic look.

#3 Stumpy Flower Bed

use tree stump for flower pot

(Image Credit: cutediyprojects.com)

Rustic tree stump furniture not for you? Okay, how about turning those tree stumps into gorgeous flower beds? Using nature to help execute a beautiful garden is the most perfect and cheapest way to increase the style of your garden.

#4 David the Gnome

fairy garden to transform garden

(Image Credit: qcfoodhub.com)

If you grew up watching David the Gnome or Tinker bell, then you may have a soft spot for the imaginative world of Fairies and what better way to transform a lackluster flowerpot into an inviting fairyland. You can get the what you need from any hobbyist store or online through stores like Amazon without putting a dent in your wallet.

#5 Broken Pot of Ideas

broken flower pot into amazing project

(Image Credit: gisprojects.net)

You see a broken pot others see a fantastic idea for a plant creation. Go check out your yard for some broken pots and you will end up with a cool looking planter like the one pictured and much more.

#6 Mr. and Mrs. Flowers of Love

recycled trash bin flower couple

(Image Credit: lightningbase-cdn.com)
If you have some unused trash bins or know someone that has them why not repurpose them into a cute garden couple to allow your garden to stand out from the crowd with a splash of color. If you know how to paint, this project is just for you.

#7 Offer Your Flowers a Seat

old chair turned into flower pot

(Image Credit: homestratosphere.com)

There are at least 99.99% of homeowners that have an old chair lying around that is an eyesore or the seat’s torn. Reclaim that old chair and turn it into a garden masterpiece. The best part is that it won’t cost you anything but materials to trim the planter hole and maybe light finishing paint.

#8 Spill the Flowers

flowers spilling out of flower pot idea

(Image Credit: gardenloversclub.com)

We know the old saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” but we’ve never heard of someone disliking spilled flowers. Whether it’s an old milk can, flower pot, or something more innovative a spilled flower bed can add some charm to any backyard for any budget. Give your flower bed the illusion of being poured out.

#9 Lightning Bug Planters

firefly garden planter idea glow in the dark

(Image Credit: certified-lighting.com)

Okay, these are not lighting bugs per se. However, they do radiate a beautiful glow at nighttime that will instantly attract people to its beautiful light. All you need to do is use glow-in-the-dark fluorescent dyes on your planters and allow it to do its magic  – transform your garden.

#10 Footbridge to Tranquility

garden bridge to transform garden

(Image Credit:  homestratosphere.com)
Expensive landscaping is not the problem solver when it comes to having an enchanting garden. You can add a small footbridge to any backyard, and it will immediately come to life without shelling out a buttload of money. If you can focus in on the image to envision what this garden would look like without the footbridge, you will quickly see how this one addition can transform a lackluster garden.

You could buy a footbridge already made or create your own using reclaimed wood that you already have – saving you a lot of money.

#11 Get Rid of Tired Ideas and Introduce Tire of Luxury

mini pond made from old tire

(Image Credit:  thewhoot.com.au)

You wouldn’t believe the amazing garden transformations we all could do just by using an old tire. This picture makes no exception. The idea of having a beautiful pond without forking over a fortune is ideal in the minds of DIYers.

#12 Get Your Garden Rocking

stage uphill rock formations for amazing garden landscape

(Image Credit: pinterest.com)

A lame garden with mulch can turn into a rocking landscaping design by adding, well, rock formations. It is not too expensive of an addition depending on the rock material you choose but can add tremendous value to your home.

Add a barrier of colorful flowers alongside the rocks to make them pop even more.

#13 Fancy Footpath

gravel footpath on a budget

(Image Credit: hgtv.com)
It looks like a hired landscaper did this beautiful footpath, but it’s a DIY job that anyone can do. Just needs someone to lay some reclaimed wood, rock formations, and gravel in place of the crushed granite, as crushed granite can become costly.

#14 Dress Up a Boring Fence

wrap flowers around fence beautiful garden idea

(Image Credit:  homestratosphere.com)

Flowers are sometimes all that is needed to make your home look beautiful. If you have a fence, then dress it up with a colorful array of flowers and expect the compliments to follow. You could line a mixed row of raised flowers as a barrier then lace up the fence with an eye-popping vine look.

#15 Spiral Your Garden Up

cool diy spiral herb garden project

(Image Credit: lovethispic.com)
A spiral-shaped garden is a fun and easy way to maintain herbs that need to be treated individually with their specific growing conditions.

It can be very affordable on a small budget of materials you already have, being able to produce a variety of herbs in limited spacing, it’s low maintenance and only requires minimal care while allowing your garden to look fantastic.

The initial cost for culinary herbs can be costly upfront, however, with time it will repay itself numerous times. Having a beautiful array of aromatic, and tasty herbs at your disposal is a dream to anybody that likes to cook with fresh ingredients.

#16 Mr. Ed Would Be Proud

clay pot horse garden landscape project

(Image Credit: kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com)

When you’re in a creativity funk where no good ideas are formulating in your mind, we recommend that you refer to this image, and the ideas will begin to brew. How clever it was to take clay flowerpots that are lying around in any garden shed to create this horsey masterpiece. There was no horsing around during the making of this project.

#17 A Helping Hand to a Beautiful Garden

flower pot made from concrete hands

(Image Credit: goodshomedesign.com)

You would think that this artistic looking project is something you buy from the store or you would need to be an artist to execute. Nope. Anyone with latex gloves, concrete, scissors, and acrylic sealer can pull this off. When you fill the concrete into the latex “cast” do make sure to shape the fingers into a cup holder shape so the modl looks like the picture above.

#18 Dont’ EAT the Mushrooms

mushroom stool for garden

(Image Credit: planetcustodian.com)

Awesome seating to make your garden landscaping standout and it is easy plus cheap to make. All you will need are some wooden salad bowls, paint, screws, and old tree stumps. The picture shows white duct tape but you could also just use white paint.

#19 The Key to Beauty

repurposed piano flower bed

(Image Credit: sadtohappyproject.com)

Not everyone has a gorgeous piano lying around that they’re willing to lay outside for the birds to land on, but what if there are people that do? Here is a stunning take on creative flower beds with an enchanting waterfall.

#20 DIY Fire Pit

DIY fire pit affordable

(Image Credit: hngideas.com)

Having a fire pit doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you have a little DIY know how under your belt. Affordable fire pits at big box stores tend to look cheap, but a DIY fire pit will stand out with the expensive store bought ones.

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