DIY Ice Tie Dye ~ How to Tie-Dye with ICE

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DIY Ice Tie Dye ~ How to Tie-Dye with ICE

How to Tie-Dye with ICE

Image Credit: SoCraftastic

Modern psychedelic tie-dying, like what we see now, did not become a fad until the late 1960s following the example set by rock stars such as Janis Joplin and John Sebastian (who did his own dyeing). I love DIY and so did the folks back then.

In this DIY, Sarah shows you how to do the ice tie dye technique! Tie-dye any fabric such as shirts, totes, pillow cases, & more! (100% cotton works best.) Your shirt – or whatever you choose – will look just like a watercolor painting.

We got the idea for ice dyeing from folks who were sharing their snow dyeing projects with us.

With Ice Dyeing you don’t need to depend on Mother Nature providing any snow, just get some ice, dye and a bucket and you are off to the races! (But obviously snow works too)

This technique is great for unique dyed garments or for one-of-a-kind dyed fabric for quilting.

This method of tie dyeing will give you an abundance of tie dye shirts, blankets, and any clothing really, you will need a new wardrobe to store all of your new attire. I love the idea of using ice!!! Can tie dying please be cool again?!

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