20 Photos of Gorgeous Cabin Escapes

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20 Photos of Gorgeous Cabin Escapes 

20 Photos of Gorgeous Cabin Escapes

Whether they’re tucked away in the forest, perched atop a cliffside or situated right on the beach, there’s something romantic and magical about cabins. You can almost picture yourself inside, building a fire, whipping up some fresh-baked pies, and settling in for an autumn / winter evening spent reading by the hearth.

While you might not be lucky enough to own one of these quaint retreats. You always have good old Instagram on hand to show you beautiful cabins any day of the year!

Check out these 20 photographs of beautiful cabins — some simple, some simply stunning — where we’d like to get away from it all.

An old cabin in Michigan’s Ottawa National Forest

"Good ol'e Day's"  Michigan's Ottawa National Forest

A beautiful A frame cabin nestled in the snowy woods

A beautiful cabin retreat in Big Sky, Montana

What a beauty! Who would you stay here with?

Imagine the peace and quiet living at this cabin

The perfect remedy to city life … A cabin getaway

What about staying in the Black Forest In Germany?

Take my money… I could live here all winter!

A cabin like no other!

Sometimes a tiny cabin is all you need!

A beautiful cabin in Colorado

Imagine having all the wood you need to live out the winter here

Something a little more modern

Who wants to sit on that porch sipping a cup of hot chocolate?

Stunning red cabins in Germany

Now this is what I call a cabin!


Can you feel the heat of that fireplace yet?

Talk about rustic! So beautiful

Last but not least. Another tiny cabin!

With our busy lives, it’s easy to forget about the wonders of nature. We’re lucky that there are a lot of great cabins in the woods where we can retreat and enjoy time away from all the technology and stressors that come with city life.

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