18 Household Items You Never Knew Had Expiration Dates

18 Household Items You Never Knew Had Expiration Dates

18 Household Items You Never Knew Had Expiration Dates

18 Household Items You Never Knew Had Expiration Dates

Child car seats – Shelf Life of 6 to 10 years

car seats do expire

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Hand me downs are the life support to a growing family. However, if your child’s car seat is not given to a sibling within the 6-10 year expiration timeframe, then it’s best to buy a new car seat as the plastic and foam will begin to deteriorate losing its shape which no longer protects the baby.

Pacifier – Shelf Life of 2 to 5 weeks

pacifiers do expire

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It’s time to throw away your babies trusted binky as the latex needs to be replaced after 2 -5 weeks since it easily cracks and breaks leaving crevices for germs to get inside.

Hairbrush – Shelf Life of 1 year

hair brushes expire

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Why would you want to brush your clean hair with a dirty hair brush? Hair brushes should be cleaned on a weekly basis and thrown away once the 12-month mark approaches. You can clean it by removing the excess hair with a toothpick and shampoo the brush under warm running water.

Sponge – Shelf Life of 2 weeks, shower pouf – 6 months

shower pouf expire

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The dirt has to go, somewhere, as sponges and poufs are a breeding ground for mold and fungus, so you should soak them in boiling water on a weekly basis. Sponges should be replaced every two weeks and poufs every 6-months.

Pillows – Shelf Life of 2 to 3 years

pillows do expire

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Everyone has that favorite pillow, but they need to be replaced after 2 to 3 years as it tends to lose its shape as the years go by and begin to tear because of tossing and turning.

Bra – Shelf Life of 1 to 2 years

bras do expire

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Ladies listen up, as soon as you put on that sexy new bra it begins to collect oils from your skin and stretch out causing the material to wear out and lose its shape and elasticity. Replace them every 1 to 2 years for the best hold possible.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Shelf Life of 2 Months

hydrogen peroxide expires

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Hydrogen peroxide is a wonderful household disinfectant to have handy, but over time the chemical solution degrades into the water this is why replacing the bottle every 2-months is important. No worries, as hydrogen peroxide is incredibly affordable.

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