10 Reasons To Add Pineapple To Your Daily Intake

10 Reasons To Add Pineapple To Your Daily Intake


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Ayurvedic philosophy is a type of holistic health system which emphasizes perfect health by holding a balance between mind, body, spirit and social well-being. The concepts of connectedness and balance are the main practices of this system. Often, a routine done daily is shown to improve the power of resistance in the body to keep one healthy. A daily routine, such as intake of pineapple can help improve overall health and maintain connectedness and balance. The micronutrients in pineapple show promising capabilities of aiding the body’s immunity and development. The antioxidant vitamin C and enzyme bromelain play a major role in the healing process and healthy maintenance of the body. Here are ten reasons why pineapple is helpful.

1. Protects from cancer


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Bromelain is an enzyme that can be extracted from the stem of the pineapple. This enzyme is able to digest protein. Research was done on the effect of bromelain treatment for cancer in an animal study. It was later published in the Planta Medica journal that bromelain ranked higher than the chemotherapy drug called 5-fluorauracil for cancer treatment. This is because bromelain worked on only the cells that were cancerous, whereas the 40 year old chemotherapy drug was non-selective and inhibited both cancerous and healthy cells.

2. Decreases inflammation

The bromelain enzyme also contains anti-inflammatory properties. This assists the body in getting rid of toxins and fighting inflammation in all tissues and organs. Consuming pineapple has shown to be a treatment in reducing inflammation caused by arthritis. It can also aid in treating mild sports injuries.

3. Aids in healthy weight loss

Weight Loss

Two of many nutrients contained in pineapple can aid in weight loss. Thiamine assists in boosting the metabolism and gives the body energy by converting carbohydrates. Fiber offers an extended feeling of fullness because it takes more time to digest. Staying satiated for a longer period of time keeps the body from experiencing sugar cravings. Even the bromelain in pineapple assists the body to digest proteins more adequately.

4. Eliminates parasitic infections

The previously mentioned bromelain and an enzyme called papain are both found to have protein-digesting attributes, which targets parasites and provides your body the assistance to get rid of them. Research has shown that eating raw pineapple for at least 3 days can help eliminate parasitic infections, such as tapeworms.

5. Improves vision


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The beta-carotene and vitamin A found in pineapple are important for healthy eyesight. Research shows that a serving of pineapple at least three times daily could decrease the risk of macular degeneration related to age.

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