How To Build A Self Feeding 14+ Hour Campfire

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How To Build A Self Feeding 14+ Hour Campfire


Image Credit: Bob Hansler

How many times have you gone camping, set up your camp then built a fire and spent all night trying to keep it going and fueled? I know I have many times.

I am not the creator of this camping tip but I am so happy I found the video on how to set up this 14+ hour campfire and sharing it with you all today.

This campfire may be too much work and effort for a lot of people but if you want a badass fire with no work and more importantly… no waking up at night… this is certainly for you.

The setup of the fire can be a little much and the creator stresses the angle of the feed rods have to be pretty spot on but I think anyone can figure it out.

Bob, also experienced a big downpour of rain while testing this fire out and the fire survived. So all in all this fire can see you though a cold night, a lot of rain and all you need is logs and a fre sticks. Check out the video below.

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