20 Creative Cinder Block Projects To Make Your Home And Garden Awesome

20 Creative Cinder Block Projects To Make Your Home And Garden Awesome

20 Creative Cinder Block Projects To Make Your Home And Garden Awesome

When you look at cinder block your eyes don’t think “beautiful” but with a bit of imagination, you could transform cinder blocks into really cool outdoor space decor. From art, landscaping, decor, and much more let’s take a look at some of the unique ways of incorporating that mundane looking block into spectacular masterpieces.

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#1  A Table for One

grill using cinder block

(Image Credit: yourhouseandgarden.com)

Imagine having a cookout with friends using an unconventional way fo grilling. Each person gets their personal grill to cook for themselves this way the host/hostess isn’t killing themselves trying to be social while trying not to burn the food. Almost like being in the restaurant the melting pot but cheaper.

#2 Cinder Block Seating

cinder block seating

(Image Credit: minimalisti.com)
A beautiful bench made of cinder block and 4×4 cedar planks add in some padded upholstery, and you’ve got yourself a stunning outdoor seating space that looks like it was from a trendy home supply store.

#3 DIY Cinder Block BBQ Pit

fire pit cinder block

(Image Credit: roomdeagesign.com)

There is no limit on the designs that can come from utilizing cinder block into a DIY project so why not make a killer BBQ pit? The food would taste so much better if it were to be cooked off a grill with creativity and sweat behind it.

#4 A Castle of Thy Own

backyard castle for kids made out of cinder block DIY

(Image Credit: hollowtop.com)

Build your kids their very own castle in the backyard. It may take more effort and time than the previous projects, but once finished, you’ll be the parents kids will envy. Plus it would be awesome for bragging rights.

#5 Landscape with Cinder Style

cinder block plant landscaping herbal garden DIY

(Image Credit: mydesiredhome.com)

You can implement cinder blocks into your garden landscaping while also giving each plant their special needed attention to maintain its lifespan.

#6 Renovate the Birdhouse

bird house made out of cinder block DIY project

(Image Credit: thepetscentral.com)

Your tweeting neighbor (not the neighbor obsessed with Twitter) wants a sturdier home for the upcoming storm that is approaching. Would you be so kind to build his family a cinder block home?

#7 Wine Cellar

cinder block wine cellar

(Image Credit: homeedecor.com)

Store some cinder blocks in your basement and you’ve found yourself a wine cellar. However, I would recommend either adding some sort of padding inside or being extra cautious when placing the wine bottles inside each slot.

#8 Kids Sofa & Storage

couch made of cinder block for kids room and shoe storage

(Image Credit: icreativeideas.com)

An awesomely creative sofa for your child to enjoy made just for them and with an bonus of having a shoe storage compartment.

#9 Paint Your Planter

paint cinder block planter

(Image Credit: siteforeverything.com)

Imagine all of the beautiful planters you can make for your garden to truly stand out. The designs can be infinite when you have a paint brush in your hand and plenty of cinder blocks at your disposal.

#10 Cinder Bed

cinder block bed

(Image Credit: fabartdiy.com)

Tired of using traditional bed legs? Put your boxspring on some cinder blocks and give your room a touch of uniqueness while saving some money on furniture plus added storage.

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