12 Months Of No Processed Foods – Crock Pot Recipes

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12 Months Of No Processed Foods – Crock Pot Recipes

12 Months Of No Processed Foods - Crock Pot Recipes
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I personally am sick and tired of always eating processed foods, majority coming from fast food restaurants. As a family we decided to eat healthier and in doing so we actually saved a lot of money and feel better than ever.

Eating no processed foods is paramount to living a healthy life. Don’t be alarmed if you see that some of these recipes call for what we call “minimally processed foods”, for example, ketchup, canned vegetables, etc.


These are minimally processed foods but can also be made from scratch if you like. I buy everything organic and any meats grass fed without hormones.

But thankfully these meals are all wholesome and very easy to make. I love crockpot meals because all you do is chop up and add all the ingredients, turn it to low before you go to work and when you return you have a fully cooked meal that will fill you up and not cause you stress because the cooking is already done! Unless otherwise noted, all recipes are gluten free.

Please read all labels carefully each and every time, as manufacturers change ingredients/manufacturing processes quite often. If you aren’t gluten free, just ignore my notes!

Food Types: Click on a link to open up recipes!

Dips & Fondue
Soups & Stews
Side Dishes
Fish & Seafood
Light & Healthy
Beef & Lamb
Fun Stuff
Flop << Tried it and didn’t like it – Check it out anyway! You never know!

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