10 Yurts You Will Want To Live In

10 Yurts You Will Want To Live In

10 Yurts You Will Want To Live In

Image Credit: cupofjo.com

6, There’s something lovely about the gas lamps, woodburning stove to keep your group warm on the rug-strewn wooden floor


Image Credit: uniqhotels.com

7, Inside a Yurt is just as pretty, if not more pretty than the outside. The wood and the fabric really make this welcoming and homely!


Image Credit: uniqhotels.com

8, The typical single-room construction of a yurt means that modern conveniences, such as a bathroom or a garage addition, often are secondary structures incorporated into the overall design. This Alaskan home features a yurt perched atop a two-story garage and workshop.


Image Credit: movingtoak.blogspot.com

9, Elevated platform yurt with popular ‘Desert’ color theme


Image Credit: yurtsofhawaii.com

10, Glass top Yurt with a view! It’s not for rent, sadly–at least that I’m aware of–but check out this glass and stone yurt built by Micky Muennig in Big Sur in 1976.


Image Credit: designtripper.com

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