10 Strange Ways to Get Locked Up In The USA

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10 Strange Ways To Get Locked Up In The USA

10 Strange Ways To Get Locked Up In The USA

Image Credit: pixabay.com

Most of us consider ourselves law-abiding citizens. We dutifully follow posted speed limits and use our seatbelts for safety.

The majority of the population avoids and deplores bank robbery, no matter how depleted our wallets may become.

And even though our next door neighbor plays his drum set at three o’clock in the morning, awakening peacefully dreaming babies and Pomeranians alike, we would never resort to bodily harm.

We take precautions to follow the laws of the land; we are a civilized bunch. But wait. There are laws on the books that are so obscure that we may violate them inadvertently.

Archaic and obscured by the mists of time, these laws may cause you to spend time with objectionable roommates!

Here are ten strange laws to be aware of!

1.Wake A Sleeping Bear


Image Credit: Pixbay.com

Alaska, America’s last frontier and the destination of hunters from across the nation. Pristine forests and clear mountain lakes issue a clarion call to outdoorsmen, beckoning them to linger as they pursue their passion for hunting and fishing.

But watch out sportsmen! You can obtain a permit to legally hunt bear in Alaska, but if you want to snap a candid shot of Smokey in his natural habitat, you will have to do it quietly!

It is illegal in the state of Alaska to waken a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph. This is truly a case of letting a sleeping bear lie!

2. Snowball Fights

Snowball Fights

Image Credit: Pixbay.com

One cannot think of Aspen, Colorado without thinking of snow. Mounds of snow on which to ski, mold snowmen, and cavort for loads of wintertime fun. Drifts of the white stuff to flop in and create snow angels.

And who can resist the urge to have a good, old-fashioned snowball fight with all of that sparkling white material just laying around, begging to be shaped into frigid cannonballs?!

However, resist the urge kiddies. It is illegal in Aspen, Colorado to engage in snowball fights.

According to Aspen city ordinances, not only are you curtailed from lobbing that missile at your best friend, snow balls cannot be thrown at any buildings, vehicles, or person.

So skip the snowball war and curl up in front of a fireplace with hot chocolate instead!

3. Selling Dog Hair

Dog Hair

Image Credit: pixbay.com

An intrepid crafter looking to earn some extra cash by selling afghans created from their dog’s hair could be facing some stiff penalties.

In Delaware, it is illegal to sell your dog’s hair. Kitty’s fur is protected as well. Delaware state law declares that selling your pet’s hair is both a Class A and Class B misdemeanor.

Rover’s hair, as well as Fluffy’s, are considered “by-products” by the state of Delaware. Delaware instituted the law in order to prevent animal abuse.

Forget bartering for tomatoes with that dog hair blanket, bartering domesticated pet’s hair is covered as well.

Be on the safe side and pitch that hair your Golden Retriever sheds!

4. Selling Squirrel Tails


Image Credit: Pixbay.com

If you happen to be passing through the state of Georgia and find yourself short on cash, don’t lop off the tail of the squirrel chattering outside of your window.

In Georgia, it is illegal to sell the tail of a squirrel. Sammy the Squirrel’s bushy brush could bring you face to face with a judge in Georgia!

5. Build An A-Bomb


Image Credit: wikipedia CC

Do-it-yourselfers need to use caution in Hawaii. If you plan on building an atomic bomb in your garage, you had better avoid doing it in Maui County, Hawaii.

It is illegal to build an atomic bomb. A stiff fine is imposed on any individual who attempts to make an atomic bomb.

This law may have originated from Hawaii’s tragic experience during World War II.

6. Do Not Kiss The Reptiles


Image Credit: Pixbay.com

We all know her, the obsessed pet owner who kisses her poodle on the lips. But what about the pet owner who prefers something a little less fluffy, like reptiles?

Pet salesmen in Illinois are required by law to warn their customers not to kiss their scaly companions on the lips.

Reptiles can carry salmonella. This law was probably intended to keep humans safe by warning them of the dangers of mouth to mouth contact with their tiny dragons! Save the smooching for your significant other!

7. Fishing With Bare Hands

Bare Hands

Image Credit: wikimedia.org

One of the most popular pastimes of lazy summer days is fishing. A glass-like water surface, the sound of the waves softly lapping, insects softly droning in the reeds, the silken feel of the water on your hands.

In Indiana however, fishermen will have to forego the cool feeling of water on their hands.

Indiana seeks to protect their fishermen from their potentially slippery prey by declaring that fishing with bare hands is illegal.

8. Change The Weather


Image Credit: deviantart.net

Mad scientists beware! If you wish to tamper with the weather in the state of Kansas, you must obtain a permit first.

Stiff penalties await the evil genius who seeks to change weather patterns in this plains state!

Supervillains who abhor paperwork may wish to seek more friendly skies to alter!

9. Selling Margarine


Image Credit: wikipidia.org CC

Not only are evil scientists prohibited from messing with Mother Nature in Kansas, but margarine is strictly regulated.

Butter lovers rejoice; it is illegal in the state of Kansas to sell margarine in restaurants without a warning sign.

There is no prohibition regarding serving real creamery butter to customers.

10. Exploding Golf Balls

Golf Ball

Oh, the peace of a quiet game of golf. Endless stretches of emerald grass, the soft sound of golf balls plopping upon the greens.

Even the announcers at golf tournaments speak in whispers. Massachusetts seeks to preserve the reverent silence which accompanies an afternoon spent on the greens.

It is illegal in the state of Massachusetts to own exploding golf balls. Apparently, evil villains who seek to destroy their opponents with exploding golf balls are not welcome in this New England state. Serenity remains intact upon the sweeping swards!

Super villains, evil geniuses, bear-wakers, squirrel tail poachers, and margarine peddlers beware.

Your nefarious deeds will not go unnoticed, thanks to the vigilance of lawmakers across this great nation.

Use caution citizens as you plan your summer road trip or winter vacation. Be aware of these obscure local laws, and avoid any entanglements with law enforcement!

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