10 DIY Rain Chain Projects

10 DIY Rain Chain Projects

10 DIY Rain Chain Projects

A Rain chain is a beautiful and functional alternative to traditional closed gutter downspouts. A rain chain will guide rain water visibly down chains, cups, spoons even plates from the roof to the ground, rain chains transform a plain gutter downspout into a pleasing water feature.

I have seen many rain chains in my lifetime, especially when I was traveling in Washington state many years ago. Rain chains are a very good alternative to traditional downspout. They work just as well and are VERY pretty to watch in a rain storm.

If you are concerned about installing a rain chain to your guttering, don’t be. There is no structural need for a traditional guttering system. If you have the money, I would suggest using copper chain. It makes the water glow as it goes over it. It is a very pretty sight to see!

A rain chain can be installed to sheds and tiny houses too. I have even sen a modified rain chain attached to an RV. Below you will find 10 DIY rain chain projects you can make yourself with out breaking the bank! I believe you will find at least a few that you could use on your home. Enjoy!

DIY Rain Chain Using Spoons

DIY Spoon Rain Chain

Image Credit: birdsandblooms.com

The concept is simple: Surface tension and gravity guide the water down a chain. DIY rain chains are great recycled crafts to make on a budget. Like this wonderful spoon rain chain. You could paint the spoons different colors to make them pop too. Check out the tutorial to make this here

Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

stone rain chain

Image Credit: dollarstorecrafts.com

I saw a very interesting wire-wrapped rock rain chain, and decided to get a similar look by making my own using dollar store rocks and floral wire. Read on to find out how to make it! Stones are very easy to incorporate into your chain! Check out the tutorial to make this here

Traditional Rain Chain

Traditional Rain Chain

Image Credit: myhomemystyle.com

Rain chains are a stylish alternative to downspouts. When water empties out of the gutter, it clings to the chain until it reaches the ground. A catch basin lets it gently spill over to prevent erosion. I think this particular rain chain would look awesome on a red brick house. Check out the tutorial to make this here

Funnel Rain Chain

Funnel Rain Chain

Image Credit: motherearthliving.com

The rain chain can be used to channel rain to a catchment system (an old wooden whiskey barrel is the classic). The rainwater can be used to water plants and your veggies. I don’t see why this one couldn’t be incorporated into a rain catchment system. Check out the tutorial to make this here

Wire Rain Chain

Wire Rain Chain

Image Credit: bluelivingideas.com

A rain chain isn’t just beautiful, but it can help manage water runoff around the home and help mitigate soil erosion and water pollution caused by water pouring out of your gutters. This has options to customize the project, depending on how you want your rain chain to look and how much water flow you’re dealing with. Check out the tutorial to make this here

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