What You Can Do To Stop Your License Plate Being Stolen!

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What You Can Do To Stop Your License Plate Being Stolen!

Your vehicle’s license plates are more than just a combination of numbers and letters—they’re an essential part of your car’s identity.

Unfortunately, license plate theft is on the rise, and criminals are using stolen plates for various nefarious activities, including identity theft and fraud. To safeguard your plates and your peace of mind, we’ve compiled 14 ingenious tips to prevent license plate theft.

Anti-Theft Screws: Shielding Your Plates with Defence

Locking license plate frames offer an extra layer of protection for your license plates. These frames encase your plates and come equipped with a locking mechanism that requires a specialized key for access. By investing in one of these frames, you create a formidable barrier against theft, ensuring that your plates remain securely attached to your vehicle.

Tamper-Evident Screws: Leaving a Mark of Deterrence

Tamper-evident screws are engineered to break off when someone attempts to remove them improperly. This design leaves a clear, visible sign that your license plate has been tampered with, serving as a powerful deterrent to potential thieves. These screws are an excellent choice for those who want to catch culprits in the act and prevent theft in the first place.

License Plate Locks: Keeping the Key to Security

License plate locks are an effective anti-theft solution that requires a unique key for removal. They replace standard bolts, providing an added layer of security. Thieves are less likely to target vehicles equipped with these locks, as they know that removing the license plate will be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Permanent Bolts: A Bolted Solution

If you’re looking for a more permanent anti-theft measure, consider replacing standard bolts with permanent ones. These bolts are designed to be difficult to remove without drilling, which is a time-consuming and noisy process that most thieves would prefer to avoid. Permanent bolts are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a long-term license plate security solution.

License Plate Security Film: Shielding Your Plate from Prying Eyes

License plate security film is a protective layer that you can apply to your plates. It makes it challenging for thieves to remove or alter the plate without damaging it, deterring potential criminals from targeting your vehicle. This transparent film is an affordable and inconspicuous option for enhancing plate security.

Anti-Theft License Plate Holder: Extra Protection in Style

Upgrade to an anti-theft license plate holder, which often features unique locking mechanisms and additional layers of protection. These holders not only secure your plates but also add a touch of style to your vehicle while making it more challenging for thieves to access your license plate.

Personalized Plates: A Unique Deterrent

Choosing personalized plates can be an effective deterrent against theft. Thieves often prefer anonymous plates, making personalized ones less attractive targets. Moreover, personalized plates are easily traceable, increasing the likelihood of recovering stolen plates and identifying culprits.

Garage or Secure Parking: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Parking your vehicle in a locked garage or well-lit, secure areas can significantly deter plate thieves. These environments are less conducive to theft, as criminals prefer dark, secluded areas where they can work undisturbed. A secure parking location is an essential part of overall vehicle security.

Install Security Cameras: Capturing the Culprits

Installing security cameras near your vehicle is a proactive approach to preventing license plate theft. These cameras act as a constant deterrent, as potential thieves are aware that their actions are being recorded. In the unfortunate event of a theft, the footage can aid in identifying and apprehending the culprits.

License Plate Lockbox: A Safe Haven for Your Plate

Consider using a lockbox to store your front license plate when your vehicle is not in use. This additional step adds an extra layer of protection, as thieves will have to bypass the lockbox first before attempting to steal your plate.

Regularly Check Your Plate: Vigilance is Key

Vigilance is essential in preventing license plate theft. Periodically inspect your license plate to ensure it’s still in place and hasn’t been tampered with. This simple habit can help you detect any tampering or attempted theft early, allowing you to take immediate action.

Report Stolen Plates: Taking Swift Action

In the unfortunate event that your license plates are stolen, taking swift action is crucial. Report the theft to the police immediately, providing them with all relevant details. This not only increases the chances of recovering your plates but also helps authorities track down and apprehend those responsible.

VIN Etching: A Mark of Unattractiveness

Consider etching your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) onto the license plate. This process makes your plate less appealing to thieves looking to sell stolen plates, as it significantly reduces their resale value. VIN etching also aids in the identification and recovery of stolen plates.

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