Lemon Peel: Nature’s Cure for Joint Pain

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Lemon Peel: Nature’s Cure for Joint Pain

Lemon Peel: Nature’s Cure for Joint Pain

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“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”… “That car is a lemon!”…

Lemons represent the epitome of the unwanted. Much too sour to eat as a fruit, with a thick bitter peel, lemons are destined to be combined with spices and sugars in order to render them remotely palatable.

However, the humble lemon is packed with healthy benefits. Science indicates that the peel from the lemon can cure joint pain as well!

The lemon peel, if not used by intrepid cooks to add zest to flavorful dishes, is often tossed in the trash.

But not so fast, this tough outer covering contains a treasure trove of healthy ingredients.

The lemon peel is loaded with lemon oil, citronella and phellandrene along with acids of citric, formic and magic.


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Joint pain plagues millions of Americans, limiting mobility and access. Fingers, knees, and ankles can swell, leading to great discomfort.

The Mayoclinic.org states that most joint pain is the result of medical conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

However, conditions including lupus, gout, and Lyme disease can cause the same painful swelling.

The natural remedy of lemon is readily available at your grocery store. Research indicates that the natural antiseptic properties of the lemon peel soothes joints, relaxing blood vessels and easing joint pain.

Studies indicate that the best methods of releasing the healing capabilities of the lemon peel can be achieved in two ways. The first….

For natural, safe relief of joint pain the lemon peel is certainly worth the effort!

1. Grate the peel of a lemon. Be careful not to include any of the white pith parts.
2. Rub the grated peel directly onto the affected body part and wrap it with a bandage
3. Keep the bandage in place for up to two hours.

The second technique involves a little olive oil:

1. Take the rind of two whole lemons and place them in a jar and fill it with olive oil.
2. Close the jar and let the mixture sit for two weeks.
3. When the mixture is ready for usage, put some of the lemon peel/olive oil cream onto clean gauze and place the gauze onto the affected area.
4. Place a plastic bag over the gauze and a wool scarf over the bag.
5. Perform this procedure in the evening, because the best way to heal the joints is to let this coating take action overnight while you sleep.

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