How to Open a PadLock With a Nut Wrench

How to Open a PadLock With a Nut Wrench

How to Open a PadLock With a Nut Wrench

Image Credit: MrGear via Youtube

I am sure by now you have seen the countless videos and articles showing you how to open a padlock with a coke can or how to pick a lock with a hair pin. I know I have.

They do work but sometimes one doesn’t have time to kill cutting the coke can or to stand there and pick a lock.

There is a new trick going around the internet which is pretty cool. The concept is awesome and although I haven’t tried this method yet, it looks to work on all sizes of locks.

With a pair of nut wrenches you can simply use pressure to crack the lock open, in seconds. Now the disclaimer: Please DO NOT try this on someone else’s lock… it is illegal to break into someone else’s property.

Check out the video below and keep this in the back of your head the next time you lose your key to your padlock.

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