How To Make Your Old Towels Like New

How To Make Your Old Towels Like New

How to Make Your Old Towels Like New

How To Make Your Old Towels Like New

Have your towels become scratchy and stiff? No one wants to dry off with that. I love fluffy and soft towels, they dry me up so quickly and don’t scratch my skin and make it dry. For the longest time I have put up with hard, scratchy towels because I didn’t want to spend any money on new ones. I feel a little embarrassed that there has been a simple trick right in my kitchen all this time and I never even knew about it.

I even went ahead and made my pet towels all nice and fluffy for them too. Yes, I just said that. Now they can dry off quicker as the towels will take up more water.

Follow these simple laundry tips to make your towels soft and fluffy again. Turn crunchy, scratchy towels soft, absorbent and the way you like them.

See how to recharge your towels and get all the buildup of detergent and softener out of them.

Towels get tired of harsh laundry detergents and softeners that never really wash out completely.

That alone should make you want to do this to your towels.


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