Home Remedy for Swimmers Ear and Preventing Ear Infections

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A Simple Home Remedy for Swimmers Ear and Preventing Ear Infections

Home Remedy for Swimmers Ear and Preventing Ear Infections

If you’ve never had to deal with swimmer’s ear, you are lucky. In my home, however, it used to seem like one of my children was always dealing with swimmer’s ear, or even worse, a full-blown ear infection.

That is until I recently came across an all-natural and extremely simple treatment which can dry up swimmer’s ear before it leads to complications.

Early symptoms of swimmer’s ear include, itchy ears, a feeling of fullness, swelling, drainage, and pain. My son always reports the pain before any other symptoms.

Materials Needed:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • White vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • A small dropper bottle

Swimmers Ear Treatment:

To make the swimmer’s ear solution, simply combine equal parts of alcohol and vinegar and 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide and mix well.

After swimming or bathing, put 4 drops of the solution in each ear to kill bacteria and help dry out the ear canal.

Also Remember to shake the bottle before every use to mix the solution well.

Ear Infection Treatment:

If swimmer’s ear has already evolved into an ear infection, it’s recommended you consult a doctor before treating, particularly in children. However, there is a super simple and effective home remedy for ear infections that can be safely used on adults, children, and even pets!

Just put a few drops of garlic oil or apple cider vinegar in each ear and keep head tilted to allow the liquid to reach the inner part of your ear canal. Both of these liquids are natural antibacterial agents and can be used as a natural treatment or preventative measure.

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