DIY 55 Gallon Drum Transformed Into A Cooktop Wood Stove

DIY 55 Gallon Drum Transformed Into A Cooktop Wood Stove

DIY 55 Gallon Drum Transformed Into A Cooktop Wood Stove

Image Credit: BraveTheWilds

I pride myself on the fact that I have certain skills that I know could be valuable if I were to ever lose my job, I know I would always be able to find odd jobs here and there until I found a new one. That skill is working with metal. I absolutely love working the stuff, you can make pretty much anything you want. Even better than that is you can repurpose anything you want too. Thats what I want to share with you today.

55 gallon drums are famous for storing foods, chemicals and water. I found a great video explaining how you can take a metal 55 gallon drum and turn it into a cooktop wood stove. Not only can this thing warm up your house but you can cook lavish and full meals on it. The cooktop area is very large, easily big enough for 5 or more big pots.

Now that I have sold you on the idea of making one, I failed to mention┬áthat you will need some welding experience as you have to weld the seams of the cooktop to the drum. This isn’t a rocket ship so test your skills on scrap metal before actually welding the drum and you will be fine. Before I went to college to learn to weld that’s all I did.

Please wear safety goggles and leather gloves even fire retardant clothing, I wear a full leather apron. This is the one I have. It has lasted me 4 years so far. I use it pretty much weekly and still looks like new.

Here is a video showing you how to make this awesome cooktop stove. If you like it please consider sharing this project so others get to see it. The internet is filled with tutorials and a lot of the good ones get lost.

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