8 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

8 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

8 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

8 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Energy bills are the ultimate gift of coal this holiday season due to the hundreds if not thousands of dollars we spend to keep our families warm during the winter months. Our ancestors knew how to keep warm well before advanced environmental physics, and infrared cameras came to our rescue. We can still apply their old methods to reduce the cost factor of modern day heating systems.

When you have a home that is poorly insulated the external walls can still be a few degrees chillier than the heat that is emitted by your central heating system because of the radiation surrounding the home which will leave you with heated air inside the home but walls that are cold to the touch. There are some methods to combat this and minimize your heating bills. Here are 8 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter.

1. Close Curtains

Close curtains to keep heat inside home

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Keep your curtains closed at night time if you use single glazed windows that are prone to getting cold at night. So if your internal room temperature is 20°C, expect your windows to be nearly 7°C on a cold evening as you will notice on the image using an infrared camera. However, during the daylight hours keep those curtains open as the sun will warm up your room.

cover windows for insulation in winter

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If your home uses double glazed windows, you can expect the windows to reach a low 14°C regardless when the room temperature is sitting at 20° as they aren’t the best insulators, as well.  Close your curtains and blinds right after dusk and open them up at sunrise for optimal performance. That way you have an additional heating barrier due to the radiant heat loss.

2. Cover Your Walls

cover walls for insulation

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Cover your walls with mirrors, bookshelves, pictures, and anything you can think of that would provide any additional insulation. Even having your walls made of stone or solid brick can become cold and allow the heat from your home to leave. A wall can be a few degrees lower than the room’s air temperature.

3. Cover Your Front Door

thick lined door curtain for warmth in winter

(Image credit: Pinterest)Doors don’t always make the best insulation and can allow a draft to enter a room. Cover all of your doors that lead outside with a thick lined door curtain. The door curtain will help keep the heat from escaping the room wasting energy.

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