7 Top Exercises To Shrink Muffin Top Fat

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7 Top Exercises To Shrink Muffin Top Fat

7 Top Exercises To Shrink Muffin Top Fat

7 Top Exercises To Shrink Muffin Top Fat

Are you looking for the top exercises to shrink the fat around your hips also known as “muffin top” fat? If you pinch the skin of your arm, the flesh between your fingers is subcutaneous fat, found underneath the skin. This fat beneath your skin is very different from visceral fat. Visceral fat is what gives a muffin top its bulge. A muffin top refers to those fatty parts of flesh at your waistline (like love handles and belly fat) that spill over your skirt, trousers, or jeans.

There are 3 main reason why women tend to get a muffin top…

  1. Too much sugar and too little sleep
  2. Imbalanced reproductive organs
  3. A congested liver

While it’s impossible to completely spot reduce only one part of the body, ab workouts combined with a clean eating plan, will make a huge difference.

Below are 7 exercises that help with reducing the fat around the belly area…


Hip Lift

Reverse Crunches

Leg Raises


Standing Oblique Twist

Toe Touches

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