50 Ways to Reuse Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

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50 Ways To Reuse Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

50 Ways to Reuse Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

50 Ways to Reuse Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Ah, good old empty toilet paper rolls. They get thrown away day after day, week and after week, year after year, they sit in the land fill for years until they get broken down and turn into soil. It is no secret that most households go through several rolls of toilet paper a week, meaning you will always have crafting supplies waiting to be transformed. With this collection of 50 Uses for empty toilet paper rolls, you’re sure to find something fun and decorative to do with those cardboard tubes!

Bonus use: Toilet Roll Face Art

Toilet roll faces

Toilet roll faces – See here

Projects to do:

Some of these projects the kids can help you with too, this will keep them busy after school, at weekends or at night before bed. I love getting my kids to join in and use their imagination to create something amazing.

Did you know that the average American family uses around 240 rolls of toilet paper per year – around 20, 12-packs.

So start saving them and check out some amazing projects you could be making with them…

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