18 Blow Your Mind Uses For Cornstarch

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18 Blow Your Mind Uses For Cornstarch

18 Blow Your Mind Uses For Cornstarch

Nearly every home has it, that yellow box of cornstarch in the back of the pantry, likely with a thin coat of dust across it… Not a lot of people really know what to do with cornstarch.

The kitchen savvy among us might use a spoonful here and there to thicken gravy or pudding, but beyond that, it just sits.

Well there are a lot of reasons to take that box out of your pantry, dust it off if need be, and get ready to see it in action.

Because that cheap little box of cornstarch has some really cool applications around your home.

Following are 18 of my personal favorites. Try them out and you’ll agree, that little yellow box is worth its weight in gold!

1. Clean greasy stains

If you have a greasy mess on your carpet, simply pour cornstarch over it and let it set for 20 minutes. The cornstarch absorbs the grease and freshens the carpet. Just vacuum the powder away!

2. Cool sunburns

A simple paste of cornstarch and water spread over a sunburn soothes inflamed skin. My mother also used to use this paste on insect bites and stings.

3. Odor control

Cornstarch is very fine and super absorbent, making it great for sucking up offensive odors. A little sprinkle in smelly shoes does wonders if allowed to sit overnight. Simply shake out the starch before wearing the shoes again.

4. Homemade starch spray

If you like nice crisp shirts but aren’t fond of the price of commercial spray starch, you can make your own with a solution of cornstarch and water in a spray bottle.

5. Wonderful window cleaner

Cornstarch is super fine to the touch but naturally abrasive at a microscopic level. Adding a tablespoon to your favorite window cleaner will make cleaning a breeze and leave a streak-free shine.

6. DIY silver polish

A paste of cornstarch and water is a great way to polish your silver dinnerware. It’s abrasive enough to clean effectively without scratching your precious platters.

7. Suede stains

If you’ve managed to slop something oily on your favorite leather jacket or shoes, there’s no need to worry. Just sprinkle cornstarch over the stain and let it sit overnight. In the morning rub off the starch with a damp towel for fresh and clean leather.

8. Body refresher

No need to buy fancy store-bought body powder any longer. Instead, combine a cup of cornstarch with your favorite essential oil in a container and shake it up for a custom body refresher.

9. Chill chafing

If you have sensitive skin and a tendency to chafe, dust a little cornstarch on your problem areas before dressing.

10. Wood polish

If you are fond of your wood furniture but not the waxy buildup left behind by some cleaning products, just mix equal parts of cornstarch and water and buff wood clean.

11. Freshen your library

If your book collection smells a bit musty, just sprinkle them with a bit of cornstarch to remove odor and freshen.

12. Dry shampoo

Great for you and your pets as well. Put cornstarch around the edges of your hairline, work it in a bit, then just brush it out after a few minutes for fresh and fluffy hair.

13. Fix squeaks

If you have a creaky spot in your hardwood flooring, try adding a sprinkle of cornstarch and then sweep. The super fine starch works itself into nooks and crannies, effectively stopping the noise.

14. Ease diaper rash

You can effectively bathe away your baby’s diaper rash by soaking the affected area in a bath with cornstarch added. The starch will help calm irritation and promote healing of the skin.

15. Sauce thickener

Want a gluten-free way to thicken stews, sauces, gravies and more? Just check out these instructions for cooking with cornstarch.

16. Fluffy eggs

If you want to create about the fluffiest eggs you’ve ever had, add a sprinkle of cornstarch before whipping. The result is truly impressive!

17. Simple deodorant

First, wipe smelly underarms with rubbing alcohol, then dust with cornstarch. The alcohol kills existing odor germs and the cornstarch keeps your pits dry and prevents odor for hours.

18. Fun finger paints

Boil water and cornstarch and add coloring for easy DIY finger paint that’s gluten-free for sensitive sorts.

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