15 Car Cleaning Tips That You Would Have Never Guessed

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15 Car Cleaning Tips That You Would Have Never Guessed

15 Car Cleaning Tips

15 Car Cleaning Tips

Ammo NYC shows us the best car-wash and cleaning technique: 15 Steps + Tools. I do truly think this is the best tutorial on the net. I have used his techniques for years now. In fact, it’s the only way I clean my car now!

My car feels like it is always dirty. Well, I wouldn’t say dirty per say because it isn’t that bad.

I guess it just comes down to dirty floors, dirty carpets, foggy headlights, and some loose papers taking up space in the back. I mean, it could be a lot worse but that isn’t something I want my son thinking is okay.

It’s rough trying to make sure that everything else is clean, so starting with the car might make me feel better elsewhere in my home.

Or at least make me think I have less work than I actually do. Plus, then I have somewhere clean to escape to.

Don’t be like this guy!!!

Regardless, these tips will become your new go-tos when it comes to car cleaning.

They are very simple and easy and will help you clean up your car in no time! Just one less thing to worry about, am I right?

Video Tutorial:

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