10 Unemployment Preparedness Tips

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10 Unemployment Preparedness Tips

10 Unemployment Preparedness Tips

Unemployment Preparedness Tip #5 – Reinvent Yourself

Don’t be afraid to learn and try new things. New skills could get you better opportunities and becoming unemployed is actually just a push to reinvent yourself and explore other sides of your knowledge, talents and skills. Stay fresh with new technologies so you will always be in demand and not become obsolete. What you knew from college is obsolete 5 years after graduation, and I guess most of us know that the real skills are not learned in school, so go ahead and take the plunge! Attend free trainings even if they are not so interesting. Remember that you need to invest in yourself for employment opportunities to regard you favorably.

Unemployment Preparedness Tip #6 – Be a Consultant

Never ever say you are unemployed. Say you are ‘in-between’ jobs or transitioning into a new role. Even if you get fired or laid-off, you still have the skills needed in your previous job so you are still ‘it’. Call yourself a consultant instead in your field to avoid gaps in your resume as well as to avoid the ‘self-pity’ spiral. A lot of the most successful people don’t even consider themselves ‘employed’ so join them and have fun feeling what next move is best for your career.

Unemployment Preparedness Tip #7 – Start a Business

Employed or not, having another source of income won’t hurt. It also serves as a great ‘save’ in case you lose your job. A lot of small home-based business owners actually view getting unemployed as a blessing because it gave them a chance to focus on their business.

Unemployment Preparedness Tip #8 – Look to the Future

Get more insurance especially if your job comes with a lot of risk. Make sure you have health insurance and disability insurance aside from the usual life insurance and college fund if you have young children. Start saving for retirement as early as you and do it aggressively. By that I mean really take it seriously because you won’t want to be laid-off when you’re 50 and forced into an early retirement without having been able to save early on.

Unemployment Preparedness Tip #9 – Get a Hobby

Start with gardening or maybe some homemade crafting. Gardening is great because it prepares you for other SHTF scenarios as well as ensures you can put food on the table. As for crafting and other hobbies, the handmade and homemade industry is becoming larger each year and demands for home made and hand made products are on the rise. Maybe this could even become your new home business

Unemployment Preparedness Tip #10 – Invest in Your Home

Build up your home’s value and make sure to stay ahead of your mortgage. Don’t use your home for obtaining credit of any kind. The best scenario would be having a home without any debt on it which you can either sell when better opportunities arise elsewhere or just have a home which you fully own.

I’m hoping none of you ever becomes ‘unemployed’. I merely wrote this unemployment preparedness blog article to help out people or to serve as a wake-up call to those who may not be prepared for a scenario like this. As a dad, the thought of being homeless and penniless scares me more than any tornado.

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