Ways To Reuse Leftover Pickle Juice

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Ways To Reuse Leftover Pickle Juice

Ways To Reuse Leftover Pickle Juice
Ways To Reuse Leftover Pickle Juice – Image Credit: Roxy314angela via Flikr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I am first to admit that after we have devoured our pickles I throw away the jar with the leftover juice inside.

Little did I know that I was throwing away pure flavor that could help other dishes out tremendously.

… or you could just straight up drink it… like this guy! Although I personally have never done it. BUT… I have heard it has some health benefits. I am not a professional so I won’t go into them here but if you would like to read about them I will link to an article here.

Did you know that you can buy a gallon of pickle juice on Amazon? So it goes to show, that this stuff is like gold dust. SAVE THAT JUICE PEOPLE!


Before you watch the video, I want to talk about the reason why I wan’t to shre this information with you all.

“stretching” food is good for you and good for your wallet. Especially when times get tough and money is tight.

In summary, the video goes over 6 ways you can use leftover pickle juice!

1 Reuse It

2 Cook With It

3 Clean With It

4 Pickle Back It

5 Use It as a Laxative

6 Cure Hiccups

Check out the video below and if you decide to reuse your leftover pickle juice, let us know over on our facebook page.

Extra use for your leftover pickle juice:

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