Top 10 Flowers That Look Stunning In Hanging Baskets

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Top 10 Flowers That Look Stunning In Hanging Baskets

Top 10 Flowers That Look Stunning In Hanging Baskets
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Hanging baskets are my favorite way to bring my porch to life. I usually buy pre-made hanging baskets from my local nursery, 2 reasons, before I researched this article, I had no clue what flowers did well and what flowers did poorly and the second reason was to support local business.

I usually buy 5 – 10 hanging baskets in the spring and then another 5 or so towards the end of the season to make fall easier to deal with.

I calculated the costs when buying hanging baskets and I couldn’t believe how much I had been paying. 1 hanging basket costs between 20-60 bucks.

I can make a hanging basket for less than 5. So it makes sense to see what flowers give you the best bang for your buck.

without further ado:

#1 Begonia


Begonias are elegant flowers native to tropical climates. (Begonias do well anywhere in the summer, not just tropical areas) They are quite popular and are appreciated as a houseplant thanks to their brilliant colors

#2 Fuchsia

This unique flower boasts an extravagant display of colorful petals. Fuchsia is a great plant for a hanging basket since the flower itself is always inverted.

#3 Lobelia

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Delicadas, compactas e lindas LOBÉLIAS! Uma espécie de cultivo anual que quando polinizadas as flores se transformam em frutos que lançam sementes na terra, com isso é comum renascerem no ano seguinte. Ótima planta para forrações de jardins e vasos. Porém pode ser cultivada também em vasos suspensos, pois costuma debruçar sobre a borda do vaso, se arqueando levemente. Aprecia climas amenos, terra rica em matéria orgânica, algumas horas de sol por dia e regas frequentes. Tem vídeo dela no canal, vou deixar o link nos stories de hoje. Bom dia #lobelia #flores #floresazuis #floresroxas #floresbrancas #floresdelicadas #planta #nofilter #vidanojardim #paisagismo #jardim #vaso #jardinagem

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Lobelias are native to tropical climates, but can be found in moderate climates as well. Their beautiful petals come in a variety of different colors. My favorite are the blue ones (pictured above)

#4 New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens feature a warm pink shading on the petals, with waxy green leaves accenting the brighter colors of the flower. New Guinea Impatiens come in a variety of colors for your choosing.

#5 The Classic Pansy

Pansy’s are a common household flower and are known for their recognizable coloring and design of petals. A wonderful addition to your hanging baskets.

#6 Alyssum

Alyssum flowers grow in tight clusters and are perfect for brightening up any space. The flowers themselves can be found in a variety of colors. My favorite are plain white, these will for sure give any hanging basket a pop of color.

#7 Argyranthemum

Argyranthemums are bright and vibrant flowers. These may just be one of my favorite flowers to place in a hanging basket. They are super easy to care for and require minimal watering.

#8 Black Eyed Susan Vine

The Black Eyed Susan Vine is a favorite of ours. We love the stark contrast between the deep colored petals and the dark center of the flower. I always have this black eyed susan in my hanging baskets.

#9 Heliotrope

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It’s Friday, the end of the week for some, the beginning of the weekend for others and just another day for many in self quarantine. Whichever category you fall in…..sharing these beauties in the greenhouse today! Wish you could smell this Heliotrope. It has a glorious sweet fragrance. Although not edible, it’s vanilla scented clusters of tiny purple flowers are a welcome addition to any garden! Happy feel good Friday! #gilbertiesherbgarden #gilbertiesherbfarm #petiteedibles #organicfarm #ctfarms #ctfarm #ctmixmaster #203local #knowyourfarmer #nofarmsnofood #supportlocalfarms #herbfarm #organicherbfarm #heliotrope #feelgoodfriday #tgif #greenhousesights #greenhousesmells

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Heliotrope plants are tiny and grow in groups of dozens of little unique flowers. The petals themselves show a gorgeous blend of color. Add pinks and purples to a hanging basket with some pansy’s for a cheap and cheerful basket.

#10 Lysimachia


Lysimachia plants feature long stalks that sprout flowers on all sides. The tiny petals bloom in groups of five with pointed ends. These go well in the middle of any hanging basket.

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