What Food Is Safe After a Power Outage?

What Food Is Safe After a Power Outage?

What Food Is Safe After a Power Outage

Have you ever found yourself staring down the terrifying train of thought that screamed, “My power is out, and my food is perishable. How am I going to eat tonight?” I’m sure that many of us have, as unfortunate as that may be, and while these circumstances can often be stressful and anxiety ridden, it is important to keep calm and look at the facts.

Not ALL FOOD is perishable when without the cold from a refrigerator or freezer. In fact, there is a vast array of foods that can last days, if not weeks, past the point of a power outage that’s left your fridge down. The tricky thing is determining what is good to eat past a certain point, and what is not. With the following information, you can sleep better tonight knowing that, should there suddenly be a natural disaster, you wouldn’t go hungry. At least, not for awhile, eating just what you have stored up in your pantry.

Let’s start out with what a perishable food item is. It is something that can go bad in the sense that, while it still may be edible, it is quickly turning into an inedible, potentially harmful, product that no doubt will taste a little funny, if not disgusting. Most perishables are kept in the refrigerator, so when the power goes out, it is safe to say that the majority of the food in there will start to go bad.

Before we delve into a list of what types of food turn bad without refrigeration, and what can still be eaten, it is good to know the three labels foods are given: use-by-date, sell-by-date, and the expiration date. Understanding what each of these terms mean can save you from eating an already spoiled food.

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