Surviving Summer Nights: 24 Tips for Sleeping In The Heat

Surviving Summer Nights: 24 Tips for Sleeping In The Heat


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Summer is a great time of year to enjoy warm weather by cooking out with friends or lounging at a park. But when summer fun is done, it can be very hard to get comfortable and sleep through the night in a warm, humid home. The obvious solution to this is air conditioning, which can control the environment for temperature and humidity, while also providing a little extra soothing white noise. But even small window air units use tons of energy and can send that summer electric bill through the roof.

Surviving a hot summer night without air conditioning seems impossible these days, but keep in mind, our grandparents did it and learned a few useful tricks in the process! Following is a list of 24 easy ways to beat the heat the old-fashioned way.

1. Cotton Sheets

Satin, silk, and polyester should be saved for cooler nights. Light-colored cotton linens are much more breathable, allowing better airflow for your body.

2. Freezer Cheat

Simply put sheets in plastic bag and stick them in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before bed. This obviously isn’t an all-night solution but can be just enough of a cool blast of relief to help you get comfortable.

3. Water Bottle

This is actually a year-round utility bill buster. In the winter time, filling a nice hot water bottle and keeping by your feet will help keep your toes toasty without cranking the thermostat. For summer relief, simply stick it in the freezer a few hours before bed.

4. Be fan-tastic

Fans can do a lot more than just circulate warm air, if it’s cooler outside than in, put a box fan out of your window to push out the heat. Most ceiling fans can also be reversed to pull heat upward and outward rather than just pushing it around the room.

5. Egyptian method

Simply dampen a sheet or towel in cool water and use it as a blanket to better conduct coolness to the skin. To avoid soaking your mattress, you can lay the sheet atop a dry towel or blanket.

6. Better Jammies

If you wear pajamas in the summer, pick a loose, soft cotton shirt and either shorts or underwear. Some also choose to sleep nude in the summer, but there is some debate as to the effectiveness of that method. Some folks say it helps keep them cool while others claim sleeping in the buff keeps sweat on the body instead of having it absorbed by fabric. Ultimately, personal preference prevails here but avoid tight or bulky clothing either way.

7. Old-School A/C

Position a shallow pan or container of ice in front of a fan. The resulting breeze will pick up cold water from the melting ice, creating a cool, very faint mist.

8. Cross-breeze

Create a cool cross breeze by placing a fan across from an open window so the fan and the outside wind combine forces over you. Take it a step further by adding multiple fans from other angles.

9. Please your pulse

An effective way to feel cool in a hurry is to place ice packs or cold compresses on pulse points, namely the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, backs of knees, and ankles.

10. High-tech pillow

One such product is called the “chillow” which is essentially a cooling pad that circulates water throughout the night. There are numerous similar products available to try.

11. Sleep solo

Spooning doesn’t do much to beat the heat. As a matter of fact, cuddling increases heat between the two bodies and thereby increases discomfort. Say goodnight, then sleep in your own airspace for better ventilation.

12. Take up space

It is not nice to hog a bed, but doing so gives you more room to stretch out and cool off. To best let your body heat vent and let air circulate, keep limbs outstretched and sleep in the spread eagle position when possible.

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