5 Survival Uses for Boxed Hair Color Kits

5 Survival Uses for Boxed Hair Color Kits

5 Survival Uses for Boxed Hair Color Kits

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Imagine for a moment what it would be like if something catastrophic happened. Suddenly everyone would go into survival mode, and they’d be scrambling just to stay alive. Things would be very chaotic, and survivors would have to get creative. Because most people would be flying by the seat of their pants, they’d need to become ultra-resourceful. Why? Because when a disaster strikes, the first thing most people do is head to the store to stock up. And they go right to the food aisles. Some of the smart ones will also head over to the pharmacy section. But this means that consumables like food and medicine will be gone within a few days. Not only that, but as the store shelves empty and people really get desperate, they’re going to start taking what they need from those that still have it.

It’s a sad but true fact of human nature that people will turn inward to self-protection or family protection over the needs of others. Those who accept this reality now will be much better prepared to handle what unfolds when things do go badly.

Since certain items will immediately become difficult to obtain, we have to adapt and start thinking out of the box if we want to not only survive, but actually thrive during a disaster. This means we should start looking for alternative uses for everyday items that no one else would think to take. These types of items will be left behind on the shelves because people think they’re worthless. But that’s not always true. One of those items left behind might be boxed hair color kits. That’s right. I said boxed hair color kits.

During a disaster, everyone’s mind will be on the essentials of food, medicine and gasoline. But few will be thinking about coloring their hair. Because of this, it’s highly likely that boxed hair color kits will be sitting untouched on the shelves. How could we use them?

The Box


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First, the boxes themselves could be used to store small items. Or, we could pull the box apart and use it as a placemat of sorts, to keep something off the ground. Or, worst case, we could burn it for light or heat. The same goes for the paper instructions inside. They can be used as a placemat to keep something off the ground (assuming the ground is dry) or they could be used as kindling for a fire or used to leave a note warning people to stay away, etc.

The Gloves


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The gloves are rather cheap, but they would do in a pinch if someone needed to protect their hands, such as when working on an injured person, or when handling something that might be poisonous. Depending on the quality of the gloves, they may or may not hold liquids, at least temporarily. If holding liquids becomes necessary, we could try putting one glove inside the other for extra strength.

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