5 Camping Food Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip

5 Camping Food Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip

5 Camping Food Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip

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When you’re getting ready for camping, do you need some camping food ideas? You may think that you’re stuck with the same old burgers if you have a grill, hot dogs and brats, but you need to know that there are many different types of food which you can prepare before you leave and cook either on a grill or a camp stove, depending on what you have available to you. The more camping food ideas you have, the better your camping trip will be, so let’s get going and start brainstorming.

    1. Did you know that chicken breasts can be prepared and seasoned before you even leave your home? If you’re not in the mood for grilling, consider preparing aluminum foil packets with seasoned chicken breasts and different veggies. When you’re ready, all you have to do is toss them on the grill or cook stove for about 20 minutes or so and you’ll have a perfectly done chicken meal. You can even add pre-cooked rice to the mixture and have a full meal all in your pack. The key is to ensure that you have single servings in each packet for optimum results.
    2. You can also whip up a side of potatoes cooked in aluminum foil. Add onions and butter or olive oil for a great, home cooked meal. You can toss this on the grill or it can be cooked on your camp stove, depending on what you have available.
    3. Think you can’t eat fish while you’re out? Think again: you can prepare your favorite fish the way you prepared your chicken and that’s healthy camping eating at its best.
    4. If you have a frying pan or griddle, you should know that it’s easy to make foods such as grilled cheese and pancakes. Prepare pancake batter before you leave home, but make sure to keep it cold and grilled cheese is portable and easy to make. It’s also a great way to get your calcium.
    5. Another camping food idea is to brown some ground beef or turkey and store it, when it’s time to cook, add chopped onion, kidney beans and a can of chili beans. Cook until hot. You can serve this over rice or on its own, depending on your tastes. With the ready to serve rice, all you have to do is cut open a pouch and warm up in a pot. Very easy and very portable.

It’s important with all your camping food ideas to remember that you should make sure to use foods such as chicken and fish within a couple of days of preparing and make sure to keep them very cold until then. The beauty part is that you don’t have to be locked into the same old meals because you can prepare these in advance and pack them in individual packets. Remember to keep them dry and away from excess moisture. You can accomplish this by packing your meal packets into a storage zipper bag and double bag that.

Great camping food ideas are all around you. You should know that you can make almost anything when you’re camping, with a little advanced planning and work before you leave, so no more weenie roasts on a stick to keep from starving on your next camping trip, you’re going to eat like a gourmet.

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