10 Delicious Crazy Cake Recipes

10 Delicious Crazy Cake Recipes

(No Eggs, Milk, Butter or Bowls)

10 Delicious Crazy Cake Recipes

Today we’re featuring a group of cake recipes that we call Crazy Cakes, if for no other reason, than because they are crazy delicious!  But these are cakes with more than rich flavors, they also have a rich history.  Originally dubbed Depression Cake, the base recipe of these cakes was created during the era of the Great Depression when many common cake ingredients such as eggs, milk, and butter were either very expensive or difficult to come by.  But people made due, and through their resourcefulness, ended up creating a simple cake recipe that is moist, delicious, and gaining in popularity and complexity to this day!  These cakes are very simple to make, in fact, they not only don’t require eggs, butter, or milk (which makes them a great choice for people with allergies) they also don’t require bowls or mixers!  The ingredients are combined directly in the baking pans which also makes cleanup a snap compared to ordinary cakes.

So call them what you will: Depression Cakes, War Cakes, Wacky Cakes, Crazy Cakes… they are known by many names.  But whatever you choose to call them for now, you’ll be calling them delicious once you try one for yourself!


Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Cake


Chocolate Mint Cake


S’mores Cake


Spiced Cake

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